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    Our Key Features

  • 35 PDUs certificate on completion of 35 hours of training 
  • Phone and email support is provided by the instructor during and after the course.
  • Exam Tips and Techniques to clear Certification
  •  Subject matter experts as trainers with real-life project experience.
  • Global Registered Education Provider (REP) for PMI,USA. 
  • Training material used is that of Project Smart, a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP)
  • Course conducted by certified instructors from Australia- view more..

Course Description Project Management Professional (PMP®)

Preparation Intensive Workshop


Designed for Project Managers with prior knowledge of projects and project management

 to prepare for the PMP examination.


  • 5 days -Mon – Fri 
  • 9.00 am -5.00 pm
  • Intensive & Classroom based


This course is for people qualified to seek PMP certification.  To qualify you must have:

Either a degree plus 3 years (36 months) project experience within the past 8 years

Or no degree plus 5 years (60 months) project experience within the past 8 years. 

 Full details are on the Project Management Institute (PMI) website at

Some participants may be ready to sit the PMP exam soon after the course finishes.  

Others may require additional study time and study material is provided, at no 

additional charge, for that purpose.

Only experienced project managers should attempt this style of course. 

 Participants should be fully aware of PMP requirements before the course begins.


Day 1:  Initiating the PMBOK project including essential concepts, Integration and Scope

Day 2:  Time, Cost and Quality Planning

Day 3:  HR Management, Communications, and Risk Management

Day 4:  Procurement and Stakeholders Management

Day 5:  Process Groups and benchmark yourself for readiness to do the actual PMP® exam


  • Face-to-face presentation.
  • Group Activities.
  • Course materials provided.


  • Training material used is that of Project Smart, a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) 
  • Notes and exercises are provided including a copy of the Rita Mulcahy text “PMP Exam Prep” and the Guide to the PMBOK at no additional charge.
  • You can also receive three month’s free access to the PMP Exam Practice Centre – 1000+ questions to practice  on in an environment similar to the actual exam.

Professional Development Units (PDU) Information

PDU Hours: 35

In short…
This is a fast paced, intensive workshop.  Work hard and you will gain PMP status!!



Location- Map

Prodigy Asia 
6th Floor, Block 2
Jalan Utara, Section 14, 46200,Petaling Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Numbers  - +603-79541793

Course Details:


Date: 22nd-26th Aug 2016

Time: 9.00 am-5.00pm


Prodigy Asia
6th Floor, Block 2
Jalan Utara, Section 14, 46200,Petaling Jaya,Selangor, Malaysia
Contact Numbers    +603-79541793                                            +603 7931 7390


               PMP®  Trainer , Angela Chellas

The five-day course will empower your staff to
manage and complete projects successfully.

Project managament is a skillset that has to be
acquired through competent guidance.
Angela Chellas is a qualified project management
consultant and facilitator with over 20 years of
practical project-based experience across a number
of industries.

“Angela is a genuine and effective
facilitator.I’d work with
Angie again any day!”

Dr Alicia Aitken, Chief Project Officer,Telstra

 Project Management Professional (PMP® )
Detailed Course Outline 

Day 1: 

1. Initiating the PMBOK project including essential concepts, Integration and Scope

Introduction to PMP® Certification Course

What are PMI & PMBOK Guide?

  • What is PMP?
  • Prerequisites for the PMP Exam
  • PMP Exam Syllabus
  • Structure of the PMP Exam
  • Introduction to Project Management

Project Management Framework

  • Definition of a Project
  • What are Project, Program and Portfolio Management?
  • Project Management Office (PMO)
  • Organizational Structure
  • Process Groups and Knowledge Areas
  • Enterprise Environmental Factors
  • Organizational Process Assets
  • Project life cycle vs. Product life cycle

Project Integration Management

  • What is Project Integration Management?
  • Project Charter
  • Project Management Plan

 Project Scope Management

  • What is Project Scope Management?
  • Product Scope vs. Project Scope
  • Project Requirements
  • Core Processes of the Project Scope Management Knowledge Area


Day 2

2. Time, Cost and Quality Planning

 Project Time Management

  • What is Project Time Management?
  • What is Project Schedule
  • Gantt Charts
  • Network Diagram
  • Dependency determination
  • Estimation techniques
  • Critical Path Method
  • Schedule Compression
  • Core Processes of the Project Time Management Knowledge Area

Project Cost Management

  • What is Project Cost Management?
  • Differentiate between Cost Estimating and Cost Budgeting
  • Reserve Analysis
  • Core Processes of Project Cost Management Knowledge Area
  • Earned Value Technique

Project Quality Management

  • What is Quality?
  • What is Quality Management?
  • Prevention Over Inspection
  • Cost of Quality
  • Quality Tools
  • Core PM processes of Project Quality Management Knowledge Area

Day 3: 

3.HR Management, Communications, and Risk Management

Project Human Resource Management

  • What is Human Resource Management?
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Organizational Theory
  • Core processes of Human Resource Management Knowledge Area
  • Leadership
  • Motivation Theory
  • Conflict Management

Project Communication Management

  • What is Communication?
  • Communication Requirements Analysis
  • Communication Models
  • Communication Methods
  • Core processes of Communication Management Knowledge Area

Project Risk Management

  • What is Risk?
  • Diagramming Techniques
  • Qualitative Versus Quantitative Techniques
  • Expected Monetary Value Analysis
  • Decision Tree Analysis
  • Risk Strategies
  • Core processes of Risk Management Knowledge Area

Day 4: 

4. Procurement and Stakeholders Management

Project Procurement Management

  • What is Procurement?
  • Procurement Documents
  • Source Selection Criteria
  • Different Types of Contract
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Contract Types
  • Procurement Negotiations
  • Core Processes of Project Procurement Management Knowledge Area

Project Stakeholder Management

  • Who are Stakeholders?
  • Stakeholder Register
  • Analytical Techniques for Stakeholder Analysis
  • Issues Management
  • Core processes of Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area

 Project Integration Management Review

  • Project Charter
  • Project Management Plan
  • Direct and Manage Project Work
  • Monitor and Control Project Work
  • Close Project or Phase

Day 5: 

Process Groups and benchmark yourself for readiness to do the actual PMP® exam

Project Management Processes

  • Knowledge Areas
  • Project Management Processes
  • Inputs, Tools & Techniques, Outputs
  • Sample Questions
  • Audit Process
  • Exam and Study Tips
  • Practice Exam
  • Review of Exam

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Project Management Professional (PMP® ) - Classroom Training

Preparation day workshop 22nd -26th Aug  2016

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